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Null Pointer Exceptions in Java – One Person’s View

Java is, in my opinion, an excellent programming language for developing applications. However, when requirements are unstructured or vague, the advantages of Java become difficult to implement. Variables (or class members) that are expected to have values are sometimes found to be null (or absent of data). When a variable is found to be absent of data, a NullPointerException (NPE) is is thrown at runtime when a operation is performed to manipulate the data. The NPE is an unchecked exception, which means that the exception is only realized at runtime, not compile-time. A developer will not know that an operation will fail until the application actually executes and the variable is found to be null.
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Java – Status Reporter released

I attempted my first release of an open source project today. The application is called Status Reporter and I have some summary information about the application here.

I wrote it because I wanted to keep track of my time at work. I used my home computer and my time to write the application. It took a bit, and I was a bit uncomfortable at first releasing the code for others to see. I’m my own worst critic. Hopefully, others find it useful and are able to track their time in a slightly more efficient manner.