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Survey on Privacy

I decided to do some research on the subject of privacy. Defining privacy, “the state of being alone, the state of being away from other people, or the state of being away from public attention”, is far more complex than anticipated. I am forming a theory on the nature of privacy, and using a survey to validate (or disprove) the theory.

I have zero desire to know who answers the survey, because some data collected is sensitive personally identifiable information (PII). Since PII data are involved, I wanted to make sure that the data was protected, and protect the identity of the data owners. When taking the survey, you have the option to not answer a question. Giving no response to a question is just as helpful as giving an answer to a question. The survey uses a secure connection, so all responses to the survey are encrypted.

The survey results are collected into a spreadsheet, loaded into a PostgreSQL database, and an R script to process the results. Various statistical tests are executed to find relationships between the responses to the survey, and various demographic data.

I appreciate you taking a moment to read about the research I’m doing on privacy, and hope you will take the Google Forms version of the survey I have created, or the Typeform version embedded in this page.


Jim Willmore – willmorejg [at] gmail.com

The Typeform version of the survey follows …

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